Watch: Automated dose administration with the Karl 100

12 December 2019

Discover the world's safest automated dose administration system from Tema Sinergie - the Karl 100.

Patient safety

With the Karl 100, there is no physical connection between the dispensing machine and the vein of the patient, therefore no risk of patient to patient contamination.

The injection of single-dose syringes by means of mini injectors prevents any chance of an accidental dangerous overdose.

Operator safety

The Karl 100 eliminates hazardous manual operations by automatically uncapping the lead pot and piercing the multi-dose vial septum.

The system is also equipped with a built-in GM tube for real-time online dosimetry monitoring.

Tema Sinergie's Rad-Inject provides a totally automated injection and minimizes operator exposure to radiation.

Its lightweight and ergonomic shape make the Rad-Inject a user-friendly device.

Patient anxiety is reduced during dose administration with the use of compact mini-injectors.

The Rad-Inject is equipped with a movable stand with additional Tungsten shielding.

Both are compatible with multi-tracers F18, Ga68, C11, Lu177, Y90, Ra223 and more!