Tracer-QC to be installed in leading NY-based cancer center

22 January 2020

Tracer-QC to provide automated, universal testing for PET-QC at MSKCC

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) will use LabLogic’s Tracer-QC to improve quality control of F-18 based radiotracers. MSK is one of the world’s oldest and largest cancer centers, providing innovative research and educational programmes for over 130 years.

MSK plans to use the Tracer-QC for F-18 based tracers, with a view to expanding to other radiopharmaceuticals in the future. The site is one of LabLogic’s first key US customers to adopt the Tracer-QC solution.

Automated testing for PET-QC

MSK will utilize the Tracer-QC with radio-HPLC capabilities, which can run radio-HPLC tests as part of the fully automated process. The instrument is expected to be installed early this year.

The Tracer-QC will transform quality control procedures for PET radiopharmaceuticals. From sample to report, the Tracer-QC automates the whole process including injection, column priming, and cleaning.

HPLC standards come pre-packaged and are automatically injected with the Tracer-QC HPLC, which negates the need for the user to prepare or carry out multiple manual injections. The Tracer QC promises to be one of the most revolutionary instruments to the PET QC process, increasing efficiency, compliance and reducing QC cost.


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