Your solution to ensuring data integrity for on-line radio detection

7 October 2020

Ensuring data integrity with LabLogic's Beta-RAM 6 and Laura

The combination of the Beta-RAM 6 and Laura radiochromatography software is your solution to ensuring data integrity for on-line radio detection. 

With no buttons to press or controls to interfere with, the Beta-RAM 6 is controlled entirely by Laura software with built-in security and audit trails.

This ensures all metadata requirements for data produced by the Beta-RAM are fulfilled. The Beta-RAM 6 and Laura combination also provides:

  • Unique IRIS technology to avoid changing flow cell volumes manually
  • Superb signal to noise ratio
  • Option to store data securely in a database
  • Configurable audit trail
  • A unique audit review tool

Plus many other tools to provide regulatory compliance along with comprehensive data evaluation.

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