LabLogic’s patented Beta-RAM IRIS technology

22 June 2022

IRIS dynamically delivers a range of cell flow volumes in the Beta-RAM radio flow detector for HPLC

The Beta-RAM radio flow detector for HPLC has several key innovations that improve liquid mixing with optimised sensitivity and resolution. One of the most revolutionary features is LabLogic’s patented IRIS technology; an aperture that makes a range of cell flow volumes dynamically available without having to install different flow cells with fixed volumes, like traditional radio flow detectors for HPLC.

Delivering sharper peaks

Using an installed 500μl cell, the IRIS partially opens and closes to release or obscure the sample, effectively increasing or reducing the cell volume as the user requires.

By reducing the area of flow cell available to the detectors, users have the ability to control the available cell volume using the instrument method in the Laura software, potentially delivering sharper peaks and improving resolution. In instances where there are two peaks closer together, this also has the potential to allow the peaks to be more clearly separated.

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