Simple to use filter integrity tester

A simple to use and compact filter integrity tester which can be installed in any laboratory and is compatible with most commonly used filters.

Ensuring the Integrity of Sterilising Filters

The integrity testing of sterilising filters is a fundamental requirement of critical process filtration applications in the pharmaceutical and PET industries. The ultimate filter integrity test and most reliable measure of a sterilising filter’s performance is bacterial retention.

The Bubble Point Test

The most widely used non-destructive filter integrity test is the bubble point test. The bubble point test exploits the fact that liquid is held in the pores of a filter by surface tension and capillary forces. The minimum pressure required to force liquid out of the pores is a measure of the pore diameter. The bubble point test detects minor filter defects and out-of-size pores and correlates with the bacteria passage test.

The bubble point test is a sensitive visual technique and is performed routinely as part of Product Release Test in PET Centers.

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The Bubble Point filter integrity tester has been carefully designed to meet the needs of any laboratory. Features include:

  • Integrated and compact system.

  • Compatible with most filters used for critical process filtration applications.

  • Luer lock filter connection for ease and speed of connection.

  • Simple air line connection mechanism.

  • Calibrated reference gauge.

  • Clearly visible water beaker for identification of bubble point.

  • Fine pressure adjustment.


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