The first certified medical sevice automatic dose drawing system 

µ DDS-A is the first and only automatic dose drawing system that’s been certified as a Medical Device (CE 0476): it allows a safe and quick dose drawing for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals through a shielded syringe with no need for any intervention by the operators.

µ DDS-A is compact and easy to handle: these features assure improved ergonomy and an easy manual backup of the radiopharmaceutical product in case of failure. A Shielded option is also available, to grant the operator a full protection during the whole radiopharmaceuticals manipulation and dispensing operations.

µ DDS-A is a stand-alone plug&play system that can be installed in any other cell of adequate dimensions and characteristics.


It is suitable for any laminar flow hot cell with a dose calibrator. It can dispense both syringes and open or closed vials.


It can be used for dispensing a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals in syringes or vials in compliance with current GMP.

Operator Safety 

It is certified as Medical Device 93/42CE. It has compact dimensions. It dispenses already shielded syringes. Easy manual backup. Available with additional self-shielding (for poorly shielded environments).




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