Smallest Automated Injector for Radiopharmaceuticals

1 December 2021

Check out TEMA Sinergie's video to see how the RAD-INJECT is the answer to the operator's needs during the radiopharmaceutical injection phase!

Providing a totally automated injection, the RAD-INJECT is the smallest fully automated injector for Gamma and Beta radiopharmaceuticals available on the market. The operator is able to set the injection speed as well as the rinsing steps in order to minimise the residual activity in the infusion line. It is equipped with a movable stand with additional shielding to ensure the highest radiation protection for the operator.

Prior to injection, GMP sterile automatic dispensing can be achieved by using either:

Karl 100 multi-dose administration system

µDDS-A automatic dose drawing system

Interested in learning more?
You can find out more about the RAD-INJECT by visiting the LabLogic website or viewing the product overview video. If you would prefer a more in-depth assessment of the system, use the link below to speak with our product specialist directly and have a one-to-one guided session.


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