Beta-RAM and Laura are the 'green' team for radio-chromatography

11 January 2011

In the on-going debate about 'green' radio-chromatography, there is much disagreement about what exactly reduces the environmental impact of the process; but there is at least no disputing the general principle that less is better - less solvent or scintillant, reduced length and internal diameter of LC columns, smaller particle sizes within them, and so on.

All these objectives (and more besides) can be achieved with the winning combination of LabLogic's new Model 5 Beta-RAM radio-HPLC on-line flow detector and the company’s .

Low dead-volume fittings and flow cells, a scintillant cocktail pump accurately delivering low flow rates and the new Active Counting Mode (which adjusts run conditions dynamically for the best results) all contribute to a package that is fully optimised for low flow applications and therefore gives 'greener', less-is-better performance.

Taking just the example of solvent and scintillant use, if your usual flow rate is 1ml/min of eluate with 3 ml/min of cocktail and your run is 40 minutes you produce 160 ml of total waste each time. If there are 5 runs per day for 5 days a week, that is 4 litres per week and 200 litres in a 50-week year.

Reduce flow rates by 50% - which the Beta-RAM and Laura can help you with – and you will save 100 litres in a year for each and every workstation. Good for the environment, and for your consumables budget too!

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