Laura LSC import function

26 January 2016

Laura software can be used to import and analyse the data from off-line systems such as Liquid Scintillation Counters and Plate Readers producing a chromatogram which can be integrated and the data extracted in the same way as it can for direct data counted from the B-RAM radio flow detector.

The limitation for researchers of the data produced by the off-line detector such as a Liquid Scintillation Counter is that the data is output in the form of a list of time points and their corresponding values in terms of CPM/DPM.

This is usually transferred into Excel in order to use the tools in the spreadsheet software to produce a graph to enable the researcher to visualise the data better. This is not only a time consuming process, but if the data is manually transposed it is error prone and requires 100% checking of the data by the QA team.
Once the data is in Excel the tools available to the researcher to analyse the data are far from ideal...

Using the simple import function in Laura, the data is converted into a chromatogram with all the data analysis tools available in the Laura radiochromatography system at hand to give the researcher the perfect environment in which to prepare the data needed for the report.

The output file from the off-line system can be picked up directly from its destination directory using Laura so no manual data entry is needed, therefore making the QA task much simpler and far less time consuming. 

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