Introducing Orla: NEW online radiopharmaceutical order communication system

20 January 2022

LabLogic’s newest software allows customers to order radiopharmaceuticals directly with suppliers

Orla is designed for the efficient ordering of radiopharmaceuticals directly by customers to the radiopharmacy supplier via a simple and secure web interface.

For the supplier, it ensures all orders are properly captured with complete customer information and eliminates transcription errors. For the customer, Orla provides a simple and effective way to order radiopharmaceuticals with full visibility and a complete audit trail.

A flexible solution for suppliers

Orla can be used as a standalone solution, or it can be integrated with LabLogic's PETra and SPECTra through an on-site integration service, as well as integrated into another third-party software. This integration allows for near real-time order upload and order status download from the LIMS. For suppliers with multiple manufacturing sites, Orla can collect and direct customer orders to multiple locations as required.

Efficient order processing

Orla’s seamless data integration eliminates transcription errors and can manage order deadlines, helping to streamline the planned manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals. Pre-configured products can be assigned to specific customers and required fields ensure all orders are completed correctly.

A secure and compliant platform

Orla’s user management is supplier-led with individual user access for accountability. The software allows complete transparency with full audit trails and the option to control whether audits are silent, or require one or two signatures as necessary. Optional two-factor authentication using time-limited passwords, generated by an authenticator app, ensures online security.

Total data control

Orla can be customised to meet specific data requirements, giving users complete control. Customer cost centres, delivery locations, and available products, can be easily configured through the software’s web application and patient details can be included with lookup tables using national and local identifiers. It can export information from standard table views into Microsoft Excel for import into other software applications and audit trail reports can also be exported as PDF documents.

Find out more

You can learn more about Orla by clicking the button below to speak with our product specialist directly and have a one-to-one guided session.


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