Detecting and quantifying PET metabolites with low radioactivity

9 January 2023

LabLogic’s Posi-RAM profiles metabolites and has recently been used in preclinical studies for blood analysis

The Posi-RAM PET metabolite radio-HPLC detector is used in the profiling of PET metabolites in the presence of single substrates, therapeutic agents, and test compounds and has recently been used in preclinical studies for blood analysis. It has two detectors with each one using a Bismuth Germanate (BGO) scintillation crystal. This is mounted on a photomultiplier tube that will only measure a genuine isotropic radioactive decay event when each of the photomultiplier tubes detects an event within the coincidence resolving time.

Whereas a single detector would measure both a decay event and background radiation with equal probability, the Posi-RAM’s dual detectors and use of coincidence counting allow samples with low activity to be measured accurately and background radiation discounted.

Dual instrumentation for radiochemical purity analysis

The Posi-RAM’s coincidence counting can also be deselected and used for gross gamma counting, allowing it to be used for radiochemical purity analysis. Because BGO is twice as dense as Thallium-doped Sodium Iodide (NaI(Tl)), which is another common scintillation crystal, it has excellent high-energy gamma absorption properties.

By delivering such excellent signal-to-noise ratio with good sensitivity and negligible background count rate, the Posi-RAM only requires a small cast shield around the internal flow cell, making it smaller and lighter than other comparable instruments. This, combined with a separate electronics box, allows the detector housing to be placed within fume hoods or inside hot cells, as well as flexibly arranged in smaller laboratories where bench space may be limited.

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