Logi-CHROM ONE integrated all-in-one radio-HPLC system overview

Logi-CHROM ONE has been developed specifically for PET/SPECT quality control which requires a small footprint and simple to use solution for radiochemical purity testing.

We have used our experience and expertise in supplying radio-HPLC systems to nuclear medicine environments to develop a simple solution with a significantly reduced footprint.

We have combined the most common HPLC modules into one compact system including a Low Pressure Gradient Quaternary Pump, a UV Detector and the Flow-RAM radio detector.

Minimal footprint

Compared to a traditional HPLC system, Logi-CHROM ONE significantly reduces the bench space required for a radio-HPLC unit by 50%.

Cost effective maintenance

Ongoing maintenance costs are reduced − due to fewer parts being used − whilst retaining the same level of functionality as a traditional equivalent system.

Simple set up

Due to its simple design, Logi-CHROM ONE is much easier to set up with limited connections. A smaller, lightweight system also allows for easier changes around a facility compared to a typical HPLC tower.

Integrated into the LabLogic range

Logi-CHROM ONE is part of LabLogic’s expanding range of market leading Radiopharmacy Quality Control solutions. It is fully compatible with Tracer-QC, SPECTra/PETra LIMS and is controlled by Laura for PET radiochromatography software.


Logi-CHROM ONE integrated all-in-one radio-HPLC system design 

Quaternary Pump 

Logi-CHROM ONE is supplied with a quaternary pump as standard, allowing the delivery of up to 4 solvents for maximum flexibility. Available in stainless steel or bio-inert material. 

UV Detector

The integrated UV detector has been chosen due to the fact that it is most commonly used cold chromatography detector. An optional Electrochemical Detector is available.

Manual Injector

The standard system is supplied with a manual injector for simplicity and cost effectiveness, there is also the option for an automated switching valve for sample injection.

Plus an autosampler can be added too.

Radio-HPLC Detector

The Radio-HPLC detector is based on LabLogic’s proven Flow-RAM solution. End users can choose from a range of different radiodetectors to suit their particular requirement. In its standard configuration, Logi-CHROM is supplied with a 1" NaI / PMT detector and 2" lead shield.

An internal column compartment helps to create a neat and elegant solution.

Logi-CHROM ONE integrated all-in-one radio-HPLC system specifications 

Dimensions: 43 (D) x 22 (W) x 44 (H) cm

For further information please refer to the Technical Specification Sheets for the following products:

Logi-CHROM Quaternary (LPG) Pump
Logi-CHROM UV Detector
Logi-CHROM Manual Injector Valve
Flow-RAM and Scan-RAM Detectors


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