A gamma counter with effortless operation and integrated applications

The Hidex AMG gamma counter is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern laboratories. With the AMG's touchscreen operated software and application-focused design, the instrument delivers effortless workflow and provides results quickly and efficiently.

Exceptional performance

An optimal lead shield design and a single 3" NaI well-type detector provide superb counting efficiency, low backgrounds and minimal interference from samples on the conveyor.

Facilitating efficiency and workflow

  • Add easy quality control through Ge/Ga elution ratio measurements.
  • High efficiency and suitable shielding for PET research with isotopes such as O-15, F-18 and Zr-89.
  • Automatic decay correction to a defined time stamp.
  • Includes easy to use diagnostic tool for traditional radio-immunoassays.
  • Automatic data export into user definable format.
  • Ensure radio safety through ready-set gamma counting measurements.
  • The AMG now features an optional QR code reader for compliant sample identification, with barcodes read directly from the vial cap to improve traceability from sample to result.

A unique combination with the onboard balance

The optional onboard balance offers unprecedented convenience and reliability. It saves the operator valuable time by speeding up work flow.

Results are reported automatically as activity per mass or volume providing increased dependability.

Going beyond with the extended MCA

The Hidex AMG is equipped with a powerful linear multichannel analyzer for detailed spectrum analysis. Never before has there been a possibility to measure isotopes with an energy range of up to 4,000 keV.

21 CFR part 11 compliance

The Hidex AMG can be used in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant manner thanks to LabLogic's Laura radiochromatography software. The AMG can now be validated to ensure accuracy and reliability. Time-stamped audit trails are generated automatically and cannot be modified, making it easier to track end-user activity. Also in line with 21 CFR regulations, each end-user will have a unique, secure ID login and password.

An external touchscreen PC with Windows 11-operated software features an easy to use graphical interface and live spectrum display.

Software beyond comparison

The Hidex AMG is ready to run with immediate access to your methods. Results are calculated straight into Bq or Ci values and include automatic storage of the full energy spectrum to ensure no data is lost.

The software has a built-in algorithm to compensate for spectral pulse pile up of high activity samples.

Besides traditional printing, data is easily exported into Excel and other formats to a user defined location. Sample ID import ensures easy handling of data.

Key Features

  • 3 inch NaI well type crystal provides superb gamma counting efficiency.
  • Optimized lead shielding ensures low background and minimal interference from samples on the conveyor.
  • Powerful multichannel analyzer for detailed spectrum analysis.
  • Optional onboard balance means samples can be weighed automatically and results reported as activity per mass or volume.
  • Automatic calculation of decay-corrected activities.
  • All results, raw data and calculated data exported directly at the touch of a button.

Existing Hidex AMG users

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INSERM, France

Evaluating Cu-64 uptake in cells and tumors for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

The emergence of theranostics offers a dual solution for both diagnosis and therapy using a specific radiopharmaceutical or pair of closely related radiopharmaceuticals, commonly known as a "theranostic pair". Ideally, these pairs have chemically identical structures labelled with either diagnostic or therapeutic radionuclides. Some radionuclides, such as 177Lu and 64Cu, exhibit unique characteristics that make them ideal candidates for theranostic applications.

The Hidex AMG has been used in a study by Metivier et al. at INSERM in Nantes to evaluate the 64Cu uptake by cells and tumors for both vizualisation and Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT). INSERM is a French public research institute under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Research dedicated to medical research and human health.

The study required precise measurements of radioactivity, which the AMG achieved having been designed specifically to increase existing throughput in research facilities while still delivering high efficiencies. The counter not only facilitated the calculation of radioactivity in cells and supernatant but also played a crucial role in recording ex vivo biodistributions.

You can find out more about INSERM's research using the AMG by clicking the button below.


University of Surrey, UK

Quantifying radiolabelled CECs

Hidex instruments are being used by the University of Surrey’s Applied-RadioIsotope and Environmental Laboratory (ARIEL) to research and understand the fate and behaviour of contaminants of emerging concerns (CECs). CECs are pollutants such as domestic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural runoff detected in bodies of water.

Lead by Dr. Maya Al Sid Cheikh, the research is specifically concerned with nanoplastics, which are ubiquitous in domestic products and discharged in large quantities from industrial processes and can have devastating impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems, and food chains. Maya and her team at ARIEL are trying to trace these from origin through to dispersion in the environment and living organizms to understand how long they persist by 14C radiolabeling.

You can find out more about ARIEL's research by clicking the button below.


University of the West of England, UK

Phytoremediation studies using Cs-137 and Se-75

The Hidex AMG is being used by the university's School of Applied Sciences radiation lab in phytoremediation studies to understand the uptake of Caesium-137 and Selenium-75 into plants.

You can find out more about this and other radiolabelled studies using Hidex instruments at the University of the West of England by clicking the button below.


Rotherham General Hospital, UK

Red cell volume and GFR measurements

Rotherham General Hospital's Medical Physics Department has been using a Hidex AMG to monitor patients’ kidney activity by measuring glomerular filtration rates (GFR), as well as red cell volume. 

You can find out more by clicking the button below. 



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