Simplyfying workflow with the Hidex AMG

26 November 2021

The nuclear medicine department of the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough purchased a Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter earlier this year to undertake GFR testing on blood samples. Andrew Bussey is a clinical scientist and a key member of the team working with the new instrument and he explained how the department is using it and the benefits the AMG has brought to their operation.

Integrated All-In-One Radio HPLC system

22 November 2021

Logi-CHROM ONE has been developed specifically for PET/SPECT quality control, Click to find out more...

LabLogic listed in the Top 50 Global Growth League

8 November 2021

In November's issue of the Yorkshire Business Insider, LabLogic was listed as one of the top 50 companies in the new Global Growth League for Yorkshire...

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