Liquid scintillation counter is accurate for 80:1 samples

14 December 2010

New metabolic research laboratory selects the 300SL automatic liquid scintillation counter from LabLogic Systems to achieve outstanding resolution on Tritium:C14 dual labelled samples that other instruments were unable to count accurately.

LabLogic radiochromatography systems assist cancer antibody trials

2 December 2010

The Cancer Sciences Division of Southampton University School of Medicine is using radio-HPLC and radio-TLC systems from LabLogic in the development of radio-labelled antibody conjugates.

Buy LabLogic instruments before 2011 and save

23 November 2010

'End-of-year' offers across the LabLogic Systems range are helping customers to future-proof their instrumentation at a lower price - and beat the January VAT increase if they are in the UK.

LabLogic User Meeting 2010 - a successful and enjoyable event

12 November 2010

The 2010 User Meeting was well attended by a good variety of different customers from all over Europe, paving the way for lively discussions, very helpful suggestions and interactive training sessions.

Radiochromatography software aids phospholipid study

9 November 2010

The Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the UK'’s University of Manchester is successfully using LabLogic’'s Laura 4 software to control all the components of its radiochromatography facility.

ADME LIMS will accelerate data reporting at QPS

1 November 2010

The newest customer for Debra, LabLogic’s LIMS for absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion studies (ADME), is GLP/GCP-compliant contract research organisation QPS, which recently installed the latest 5.7.8 version at its Newark, DE facility.

Innovative, compact and affordable radio-HPLC detector for PET and SPECT

1 October 2010

LabLogic’'s innovative Flow-RAM is a gamma radio-HPLC detector specifically developed for PET and SPECT applications - the company’'s response to five years’ feedback from customers in PET centres and nuclear medicine departments.

Scintillation cocktail has 1:1 uptake and high counting efficiency

16 September 2010

SafeScint 1:1 from LabLogic Systems is a scintillation cocktail for discrete sample counting that ticks every box on the radiochromatographer’s wish list - a biodegradable formulation combining outstanding counting efficiency with a high sample uptake cap

See (and read about) Beta-RAM 5 radio detector at ISSX Meeting

3 September 2010

LabLogic Systems is exhibiting and presenting at the 9th International Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) in Istanbul, Turkey (4th - 8th September 2010).

IN/US Systems re-branded as LabLogic

25 August 2010

LabLogic is pleased to announce that IN/US Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the Beta-RAM radio detector, has changed its name to LabLogic Systems, Inc., bringing it into line with radio-chromatography software specialist LabLogic Systems Ltd.

Microplate reader gives good data for leukaemia research

24 August 2010

The Centre of Excellence for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research at Cardiff University’'s Department of Haematology has given some very positive feedback about its Chameleon V bench top microplate reader from LabLogic Systems.

Radiation counter gives immediate results at emergencies

24 August 2010

The Triathler portable radiation counter from LabLogic Systems gives accurate on-the-spot readings that could save lives in an emergency response situation.

Transatlantic CRO adopts common radio-labelled ADME platform

5 August 2010

A US/UK contract research laboratory is standardising on Debra 5.7.8, the latest release of LabLogic’'s drug metabolism LIMS, as a common platform for its radio-labelled ADME studies.

New LabLogic office is well named

4 August 2010

LabLogic System's office in Bath has moved to a new and bigger location that provides an improved working environment, more room for instrument testing and scope for future expansion.

New version of top radiochromatography software released

30 July 2010

Scientific software company LabLogic Systems has released the first major revision of its industry-leading radiochromatography software, Laura 4.

PET LIMS on show at target chemistry workshop

20 July 2010

From 25th to 28th July, LabLogic Systems will be exhibiting at the Thirteenth International Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry in Roskilde, Denmark.

LIMS makes PET raw material tracking easy

8 July 2010

PETra, the new PET process management LIMS from LabLogic Systems, has the cure for one of the industry’s biggest quality headaches - maintaining up-to-date records of the components that make up each radiopharmaceutical.

LSC counter a hit with cell biologists

15 June 2010

Staff at the University of Newcastle'’s Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology are finding their new Hidex 300SL bench-top liquid scintillation counter from LabLogic Systems easy to use - even for beginners.

New cGMP-compliant PET LIMS ready to roll in Copenhagen

8 June 2010

LabLogic Systems has completed the first installation of the new LIMS it has developed specifically for PET research and manufacturing.

Big pharma will benefit from new ADME LIMS

11 May 2010

A 'Top 10' pharmaceutical company is one of the first to implement Debra 5.7.7, the latest release of LabLogic Systems’ LIMS for drug metabolism studies.

The 2010 LabLogic User Meeting is announced

28 April 2010

We are pleased to announce that the 2010 LabLogic User Meeting will take place on 19th & 20th October.

Radiation monitor will find x-ray leaks

15 April 2010

Radiation protection personnel who need to check the integrity of shielding around an x-ray generator can rely on the SD10 Rad Monitor from LabLogic Systems to detect even the smallest degree of leakage.

PET cGMP heads-up at SNM Annual Meeting

13 April 2010

At this year'’s Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting (June 5th - 9th Salt Lake City, Utah), LabLogic Systems will be offering the opportunity to discuss the solution that will address the cGMP requirements.

Latest release makes drug metabolism LIMS even easier to use

30 March 2010

Greater flexibility in reporting data and additional features requested by users predominate in the new 5.7.7 release of Debra, LabLogic Systems’ market-leading LIMS for ADME studies.

Sample tracking software does it your way

18 March 2010

LabLogic Systems has designed its Stacy sample tracking and stock control software to match the user’s circumstances as closely as possible.

University collaborating with LabLogic on new radio-HPLC detector

3 March 2010

LabLogic Systems has entered into a two-year research partnership with the Physics and Astronomy Department at the UK’'s University of Sheffield to develop the next generation of its β-RAM radio-HPLC flow-through detector.

Get a complete LSC package at an incomplete price

9 February 2010

LabLogic Systems is giving life science researchers and radiation protection professionals the opportunity to update their facilities for liquid scintillation counting (at the bench or further afield) for much less than the usual cost.

Plate reader is the best available - with something extra till April

29 January 2010

The Chameleon V plate reader from LabLogic Systems is the most sensitive and versatile on the market - a compact and modular platform on which both radiometric and non-radiometric assays can be carried out with equal ease.

Radiation monitors assist building decommissioning

6 January 2010

Robust design, simple single-button operation and low cost are just a few of the reasons why the Radiological Services Team at the international environmental consultancy RPS Group uses radiation contamination monitors from LabLogic Systems.

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