Accurate counting with Beta-RAM and Laura for sensitive radio flow detection

12 January 2022

Key innovations improve liquid mixing, reduce dead volume, and prevent gelling

Liquid scintillation counting is the most accurate and reliable technique for measuring low-to-medium beta emitters, such as tritium and carbon-14, giving a higher counting efficiency with better signal-to-noise characteristics.

Coupled with the industry-standard Laura chromatography software, LabLogic’s Beta-RAM radio flow detector has several key innovations that improve liquid mixing with optimised sensitivity and resolution.

Integrated liquid manifold

The compact and integrated liquid manifold handles the liquid distribution and mixing with scintillation cocktail, agitating the mixture to keep fluidity, and preventing gelling at the tee fixture. The manifold is designed to reduce dead volume to a minimum, ensuring excellent peak shape and resolution.

Built-in scintillator delivery pump

The Beta-RAM has a built-in scintillator delivery pump that is accurately controlled by Laura. A refined mixing-and-delivery system provides the ideal conditions for reliable and sensitive counting with optimal signal-to-noise ratio for low-energy beta emitters.

IRIS technology

LabLogic’s patent-pending IRIS technology allows users to enhance sensitivity and resolution by making a range of cell volumes available dynamically. Unlike traditional radio flow detectors for HPLC, which rely on a fixed flow cell volume, the IRIS technology gives a wide range of cell volumes without the need to change the flow cell.

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