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The Quality Assurance team at LabLogic will work with your Quality Manager, System Manager and users to provide a tailored Validation Solution suited to your needs. Our specialists incorporate years of experience in GLP system validation, detailed knowledge of our systems, together with other industry standard systems to help you meet your company’s requirements.

Many highly regulated environments require software and instruments to be qualified on installation (IQ), operation (OQ) and performance (PQ). As focused industry specialists, LabLogic are well placed to provide these services and help you achieve compliance with regulations.

We hold detailed service records on all instruments and will pro-actively schedule re-qualification if included as part of an annual service contract.

LabLogic can provide expert guidance with custom-made qualification services to meet the individual customer needs.

Do you supply validation solutions for Instruments and Software?

LabLogic can provide validation solutions for both instruments and software packages.

Can you supply custom made software validation test scripts or are they a set package?

LabLogic offer both a COTS solution or our validation specialists can work with your team to create a tailor made package that meets your requirements.

What levels of validation do you provide?

We can provide, installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification. We also offer different levels of validation depending on your regulatory compliance needs.

Can the validation be reviewed at various stages through the process?

The validation test scripts are designed so that each test case has the ability to be reviewed and counter-signed by the customer.

Can you assist in helping with the planning and initialisation of the validation process?

Yes we can, LabLogic can offer our expertise from the initial planning of the validation through to the completion and sign off.

What experience does LabLogic have?

The validation specialists at LabLogic have over 15 years’ experience performing validations as well as many having previously worked in the laboratory environment.

Why don’t I just create my own validation documentation?

Time – by using LabLogic validation specialists the amount of time taken to complete the validation is significantly reduced. This also means that key staff do not need to be taken away from important day to day activities and thus does not impact on productivity.


The LabLogic Group will always treat your details with the utmost care and will never sell them to third party companies.

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