Beta-RAM 6 News

Beta-RAM 6 reaches new heights for peak resolution

26 September 2018

Hear what our customer, a US-based Contract Research Organization, had to say about the Beta-RAM 6 radio flow detector for HPLC. Click to read more.

The Beta-RAM's IRIS Technology Optimizes Sensitivity and Resolution

1 June 2018

The latest Beta-RAM model 6 radio flow detector for HPLC offers unrivalled sensitivity, resolution and versatility. Its new IRIS technology saves you time and effort when developing radiochromatography methods and optimizes sensitivity and resolution. Find out more here. 

Optimize Sensitivity and Resolution with the Beta-RAM's New IRIS Technology

5 February 2018

The new IRIS technology in the Beta-RAM model 6 allows users to optimize sensitivity and resolution by making a range of cell volumes available dynamically, without the need to change the flow cell. Find out more. 

Introducing the next generation flow detector for radio-HPLC

11 October 2017

After over 30 years of development, the new Beta-RAM Model 6 to raises the bar for radiochromatographers, click here to read more about the story.