Beta-RAM 6 News

Data integrity and GLP compliance for drug and environmental metabolism studies

6 June 2023

LabLogic’s Debra and Laura software solutions provide instrument control and data analysis for FDA/GLP regulated environments

Accurate delivery of scintillant and liquid mixing as standard for radiochromatography

21 February 2023

LabLogic’s Beta-RAM includes several integrated features commonly sold separately in other radio-HPLC flow detectors

LabLogic launches new online training platform for software and instrumentation

14 February 2023

The Training Resources Portal is an interactive platform with dedicated courses and exercises for Laura, PETra, and associated instrumentation

LabLogic’s patented Beta-RAM IRIS technology

22 June 2022

IRIS dynamically delivers a range of cell flow volumes in the Beta-RAM radio flow detector for HPLC. Find out how here

LabLogic establishes a permanent presence in Germany

21 April 2022

We are excited to deliver dedicated service and support to our German customers with our first permanent staff appointment. Find out more here

Accurate counting with Beta-RAM and Laura for sensitive radio flow detection

12 January 2022

Key innovations improve liquid mixing, reduce dead volume, and prevent gelling

Integration, compliance, and data integrity for radio labelled metabolism laboratories

11 October 2021

LabLogic’s commitment to continuous software development and integrating market-leading equipment has led to LabLogic providing...

The complete radiochromatography solution

27 May 2021

Beta-RAM 6, Logi-CHROM HPLC and Laura software - the complete radiochromatography solution, click to read more.

Active Counting Mode (ACM) for the Beta-RAM detector

7 January 2021

A time saving and cost-effective solution to low-level on-line radio detection, click to read more.

Your solution to ensuring data integrity for on-line radio detection

7 October 2020

The combination of the Beta-RAM 6 and Laura software provides many tools for regulatory compliance, click to read. 

How does the Beta-RAM 6 aid method development?

11 June 2020

The Beta-RAM 6 uses unique technology to aid method development for researchers, click to find out more. 

The Beta-RAM 6 radio flow detector ensures good peak shape and resolution

29 August 2019

The Beta-RAM has been designed with minimal dead volume to guarantee good peak shape and resolution. Read more to discover features which make it above the rest. 

Beta-RAM 6 reaches new heights for peak resolution

26 September 2018

Hear what our customer, a US-based Contract Research Organisation, had to say about the Beta-RAM 6 radio flow detector for HPLC. Click to read more.

The Beta-RAM's IRIS Technology Optimises Sensitivity and Resolution

1 June 2018

The latest Beta-RAM model 6 radio flow detector for HPLC offers unrivalled sensitivity, resolution and versatility. Its new IRIS technology saves you time and effort when developing radiochromatography methods and optimises sensitivity and resolution. Find out more here. 

Optimise Sensitivity and Resolution with the Beta-RAM's New IRIS Technology

5 February 2018

The new IRIS technology in the Beta-RAM model 6 allows users to optimise sensitivity and resolution by making a range of cell volumes available dynamically, without the need to change the flow cell. Find out more. 

Introducing the next generation flow detector for radio-HPLC

11 October 2017

After over 30 years of development, the new Beta-RAM Model 6 to raises the bar for radiochromatographers, click here to read more about the story. 

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