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Developing an alternative PET quantification research methodology using the Posi-RAM

1 February 2024

LabLogic’s radio-HPLC detector for PET metabolites is being used to monitor arterial input function in miniature pigs as a model for drug evaluation in humans

Detecting and quantifying PET metabolites with low radioactivity

9 January 2023

LabLogic’s Posi-RAM profiles metabolites in the presence of single substrates, therapeutic agents, and test compounds

LabLogic establishes a permanent presence in Germany

21 April 2022

We are excited to deliver dedicated service and support to our German customers with our first permanent staff appointment. Find out more here

LabLogic’s Posi-RAM PET metabolite radio-HPLC detector

15 March 2022

Designed for the detection and quantification of low-level PET metabolites. Click to find out more

Translational research using the Posi-RAM

16 February 2022

Charles-Henri and LabLogic have been working together for several years, using our Scan-RAM, Logi-CHROM, and Posi-RAM instruments

Unmatched signal to noise ratio with the Posi-RAM PET radio-HPLC detector

22 June 2021

The Posi-RAM delivers the lowest possible limits of detection when profiling PET metabolites, click to read more. 

SNMMI - We miss you! But we're available for demos

9 June 2021

Don't forget we're available for virtual demonstrations for all our nuclear medicine solutions, click here to book. 

Announcing the new, compact Posi-RAM 2

28 November 2017

Built on proven technology, the new Posi-RAM 2 offers unsurpassed performance for a PET Metabolite radio-HPLC Detector. 

GMP compliance with help from the experts

8 December 2016

LabLogic recognises that GMP compliance is no straightforward task, it requires a good understanding of GMP principles, document requirements and their application in a radiopharmacy setting.

Setting the standard for the accurate measurement of samples containing low level positron emitters

11 December 2015

Positrons are of increasing interest, not only because of clinical use in PET, but also in animal and human metabolism profiling. However, unlike PET QC measurement, the samples derived from metabolic studies are of very low level, due to the time taken to synthesize complex molecules and the duration of biological chemistry. This is where LabLogic’s Posi-RAM is in its element. Specifically designed to detect and measure these low level metabolites, it sets the standard in its field.

PET laboratory products that deliver

5 November 2014

LabLogic's range of specialist radio-TLC and radio-HPLC instruments are in use in clinical and preclinical facilities throughout the world. Designed to be used in isolation or as part of a wider network, they are driven by bespoke Laura for PET software which not only controls the instruments individually but can also link to and control other equipment used in quality control during the production of radiopharmaceuticals.

Equipping the new PET Centre at the King Hamad University Hospital

4 April 2014

LabLogic have recently secured a contract to fully equip the new PET Centre at the King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain with its innovative PET QC Solution.

Supporting PET in Scandinavia

19 March 2013

PET specialists from across Scandinavia and beyond will be gathering in Sweden later this week for the region's annual radiochemistry meeting.

More acclaim for Scan-RAM from Czech PET facility

8 February 2012

The PET Centre in Brno has added to the growing positive feedback about LabLogic’s Scan-RAM radio TLC scanner for PET and SPECT.

LabLogic detectors and software aid PET /SPECT collaboration

8 February 2012

Two healthcare organisations in Grenoble, France, are using LabLogic’'s Laura radio-chromatography system and instrumentation sourced from the same company to enhance their ability to work closely together.

Radiochromatography system installed at eleven PET production sites

15 December 2011

When IBA were looking for a new radiochromatography system to replace legacy software in all eleven of its FDG PET production facilities across America, they had a number of clear requirements.

'Two in one' radio scanner/detector fits the budget (and the bench)

18 October 2011

LabLogic'’s new combined Scan-RAM Radio-TLC scanner and Radio-HPLC flow through detector is already winning praise from university researchers for its money-saving ‘two in one’ characteristics.

Turnkey PET QC solution on show at 2011 EANM Congress

10 October 2011

PET radiopharmaceutical professionals setting up or upgrading a complete QC laboratory to comply with imminent FDA regulations can see all the equipment and services they need on the LabLogic Systems stand at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress 2011 (Birmingham, UK, 15 to 19 October).

PET / SPECT products on show in Denmark

21 March 2011

From the 24th to 25th March radiochromatography specialist LabLogic Systems will be at the 2011 Danish Radiochemistry Meeting in Odense to explain the benefits of the products it has developed specifically for PET and SPECT applications.

Addenbrooke's chooses LabLogic for PET metabolite support

28 July 2009

The Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Addenbroke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK has chosen LabLogic Systems to supply all the equipment needed to support its new metabolite analysis system for early-phase PET studies.

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