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Using the Hidex 600 SL at the new NNUF RADER laboratories

22 June 2021

Click to read about the new 600 SL installed at the new National Nuclear User Facility RADioactive waste Management and Environmental Remediation (NNUF RADER) laboratories. 

Air, water, and swipe samples with the Hidex Triathler at Abraflex in Ontario, Canada

2 March 2021

Read our latest customer testimonial about the Hidex Triathler! 

One instrument for alpha, beta and gamma therapy drugs

17 September 2020

One instrument for alpha, beta and gamma therapy drugs, learn more about the Hidex Triathler here. 

The portable Hidex Triathler liquid scintillation counter gives you fast and accurate field measurements

22 August 2019

With its portability and ability to perform complex measurements, The Hidex Triathler is the perfect tool for on-site field or sea measurements. Read more about the Hidex Triathler. 

The Hidex Triathler is ideal for Cardiff University

12 March 2019

At Cardiff University, the Hidex Triathler is used for a range of different projects and has been called "student-proof". Click to find out why.

Get to know portable Triathler liquid scintillation counter

23 January 2019

A combined liquid scintillation counter and luminometer, the Hidex Triathler can count all radioisotopes including tritium in a variety of sample formats. Click here to read more 

Johns Hopkins University choose the Hidex 300SL

16 August 2018

John Hopkins University has chosen the Hidex 300 SL liquid scintillation counter. The 300 SL is the most advanced, transportable and user-friendly Liquid scintillation Counter (LSC) on the market. Click here find out more.

A Portable Liquid Scintillation and Gamma Counter Suitable for the US Army

25 May 2018

The Hidex Triathler portable liquid scintillation counter is an obvious choice for the US Army, Navy and Airforce. The Triathler is a small, portable and durable instrument which can be easily taken into the field to measure samples on the spot. Read more and see the instrument is the perfect choice. 

Veteran Affairs Medical Centers Select the Full Hidex Range

5 May 2018

Veteran Affairs Medical Center's across the USA are selecting the Hidex range of instruments for their research, including the Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader, and the Hidex 300 SL liquid scintillation counter. Find out more. 

Have you seen the Hidex Triathler in action?

20 September 2017

Watch our new demonstration of the Hidex Triathler, a powerful and versatile single sample counter, with a range of advanced features...

The Triathler – helping to maintain a clear line of sight

19 October 2016

The Hidex Triathler can be called upon to provide fast and reliable results for a whole host of applications. Although mainly used in the life science and environmental sectors, the instrument’s capabilities are also well suited for testing manufactured products.

Slimming down liquid scintillation

26 September 2016

Many research departments are facing the prospect of replacing an old generation of liquid scintillation counters. These counters have been bought in the heyday of open source work, where high throughputs were key. Now these large, cumbersome machines need to be replaced, and there is an opportunity to free up valuable lab space in the process.

Hidex Triathler – The essential tool for RPA’s

30 November 2015

Compact, lightweight and easy to set up, Triathler is perfect for RPA’s tasked with undertaking wipe tests on the go. It provides fast and accurate results, counting all radioisotopes including Tritium, indeed it is suitable for just about any beta and gamma radiation application and accepts most types of vials and sample formats.

Testing the waters of the deep south

30 March 2015

During the course of the past twelve months, LabLogic have installed Hidex 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counters at the St. Lucie Power Plant on Hutchinson Island in Florida, the Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant in Georgia and the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona.

Helping to preserve the aviation heritage of the United States

25 November 2014

The National Air and Space Museum – the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly which is part of the esteemed Smithsonian Institute - recently took delivery of a Hidex 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counter to help them in their restoration work.

The Hidex Triathler from LabLogic. Fast, accurate results on the spot.

4 September 2013

The Hidex Triathler is a single sample counter which provides fast and accurate results on the spot. Suitable for a range of applications from life science research to environmental monitoring it is equally at home as a benchtop instrument in the laboratory or out on-site.

Whatever your discipline, there is a liquid scintillation counter in the 300 SL range to suit every need

8 January 2013

Working in life science research, radiochemistry or radiation protection? Then the standard model 300 SL is the perfect solution. Compact, lightweight and easily integrated into small laboratories this model offers optimum counting efficiency of samples without any external or internal standard source of radioactivity.

Count on LabLogic for great offers

19 November 2012

LabLogic has a range of end-of-year special offers for customers looking to source new instruments during the course of the next couple of months.

The Chameleon V - the most sensitive microplate luminometer on the market

16 July 2012

Researchers using luminescence for their research applications will find all their needs met by the most sensitive microplate luminometer on the market - the Chameleon V from LabLogic Systems. Its super sensitive luminescence detection function provides fast and robust data, making the Chameleon V an ideal choice.

The new Hidex 300 SL Super Low Level Scintillation Counter is now available from LabLogic

26 June 2012

Scintillation counting is widely used with challenging low energy beta isotopes and difficult to measure alpha isotopes. Environmental samples, biofuel verification, micro dosing, these are just a few of the application examples where extremely low level activities need to be detected.

300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counter meets the needs of Boston University Medical Center

18 April 2012

One of LabLogic’s 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counters is in regular use as a core instrument by staff at the Boston University Medical Center.

Portable counter can measure PET isotopes and detect radioactive contamination

29 November 2011

The Triathler portable single-well counter from LabLogic Systems, which offers liquid scintillation counting, gamma counting and detecting luminescence as standard, can be used for an even wider range of niche lab-based applications using appropriate optional accessories.

December offers have something special for everyone

23 November 2011

LabLogic Systems is completing 2011 with its customary string of end-of-year special offers for those buying in December.

Buy LabLogic instruments before 2011 and save

23 November 2010

'End-of-year' offers across the LabLogic Systems range are helping customers to future-proof their instrumentation at a lower price - and beat the January VAT increase if they are in the UK.

Radiation counter gives immediate results at emergencies

24 August 2010

The Triathler portable radiation counter from LabLogic Systems gives accurate on-the-spot readings that could save lives in an emergency response situation.

Buy a counter, get a free radiation monitor

23 November 2009

Until the end of 2009, LabLogic Systems is offering a free Geiger Muller radiation contamination monitor complete with source calibration certificate with all orders for its Triathler portable LSC / luminometer / gamma counter.

Addenbrooke's chooses LabLogic for PET metabolite support

28 July 2009

The Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Addenbroke's Hospital in Cambridge, UK has chosen LabLogic Systems to supply all the equipment needed to support its new metabolite analysis system for early-phase PET studies.

Counter is easy to use for LSC and luminescence

19 February 2009

"You can transport it in the boot of a car; then it's just one button to select a program and away you go"

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