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Tracer-QC receives regulatory approval in Europe

15 April 2024

Following extensive testing by Haukeland University Hospital, the automated PET-QC system has proven equivalency with traditional QC methods for F18-FDG

Tracer-QC’s routine use in a clinical F18-FDG production facility

9 January 2024

The International Medical Center in Egypt has praised the system’s automation of traditional QC release testing for PET radiopharmaceuticals

Steve Archibald: Why Hull chose to be the first Tracer-QC customer in the UK

7 September 2023

Hull’s Molecular Imaging Research Centre will be using the automated PET QC solution to develop novel radiotracers for superior diagnostics

VIDEO: Complete PET-QC in just 5 clicks with Tracer-QC

15 June 2023

No pen touches paper from sample to report using this automated single-instrument solution. Watch our latest video to learn more

83% reduction in SOPs for PET release testing with Tracer-QC

21 March 2023

This automated system reduces a highly-skilled time and labour-intensive process to just 5 mouse clicks. Find out how here

Mitigating risks in the Quality Control of PET radiotracers with Tracer-QC

6 June 2022

A recent evaluation of the automated system has quantified the significant improvements brought about during the release testing of PET radiopharmaceuticals

LabLogic establishes a permanent presence in Germany

21 April 2022

We are excited to deliver dedicated service and support to our German customers with our first permanent staff appointment. Find out more here

Europe’s first Tracer-QC installation

5 January 2022

LabLogic have just installed Europe’s first Tracer-QC at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway

SNMMI - We miss you! But we're available for demos

9 June 2021

Don't forget we're available for virtual demonstrations for all our nuclear medicine solutions, click here to book. 

A new PET facility in Egypt has chosen Tracer-QC

29 April 2021

LabLogic is pleased to announce that Tracer-QC has been chosen by a new PET facility in Cairo, Egypt, click to read more.

Tracer-QC in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine

2 February 2021

Tracer-QC was featured in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine abstract by Massachusetts General Hospital, click to read.

Book a virtual one-to-one demo with LabLogic

14 October 2020

Don't miss out on a one-to-one demo, book a session now. 

LabLogic announces partnership with Hull Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC)

8 October 2020

LabLogic to supply Hull MIRC with a PET QC solution including Tracer-QC, PETra and SPECTra, click to read more.

Webinar recording: Automated PET-QC testing with Tracer-QC

8 September 2020

Click here to catch up on the Tracer-QC webinar.

Sign up for our Tracer-QC webinar

4 August 2020

Don't miss our upcoming webinar about Tracer-QC, sign up here.

POSTPONED - LabLogic Radiopharmacy Open Day Monday 16th March

11 March 2020

LabLogic's Radiopharmacy Open Day on Monday 16th March has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tracer-QC to be installed in leading NY-based cancer center

22 January 2020

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), one of the world’s largest cancer centers will use the Tracer-QC to improve quality control of F-18 based radiotracers. Find out more. 

Tracer-QC Drug Master File submitted to FDA

30 October 2019

LabLogic and Trace-Ability are pleased to make a Tracer-QC announcement regarding a Drug Master File submission. Click to find out more. 

Tracer-QC validation project successfully completed

24 June 2019

LabLogic and Trace-Ability announce validation for Tracer-QC. Click to read the full story

A universal, fully automated QC lab solution with radio-HPLC

29 June 2018

The Tracer-QC rHPLC gives users a powerful quality control (QC) solution for PET/SPECT radiotracers,  with the added benefit of also running radio-HPLC tests in a completely automated process.  Click here to find out more. 

FDA approves first use of Tracer-QC automated PET-QC solution

24 April 2018

The FDA have approved the initial use of the Tracer-QC for release testing of an imaging agent used in PET. Led by Massachusetts General Hospital, the automated optical PET-QC testing instrument was validated for the injection of [N-13] Ammonia, a ground-breaking step in its development process. Find out more. 

Tracer-QC proves that pigs can fly

27 March 2018

The Tracer-QC now incorporates a removable shielded pig to ensure a safer laboratory environment. By allowing operators to use tongs to deliver the sample to the instrument, finger dose exposure is significantly reduced. Read more to learn about the latest developments with the Tracer-QC.

Tracer-QC project in line with expectations, as early adopter sites close in on a deal

11 October 2017

The eagerly anticipated Tracer-QC has been the talk of the industry since the concept was launched back in 2015. The potential benefits of...

GMP compliance with help from the experts

8 December 2016

LabLogic recognises that GMP compliance is no straightforward task, it requires a good understanding of GMP principles, document requirements and their application in a radiopharmacy setting.

Book your place at the PETra User Group Meeting in San Diego

12 May 2016

Our next PETra User Group Meeting is due to take place in San Diego on Saturday 11th June just prior to the SNMMI 2016 Annual Meeting.

Tracer-QC concept awarded significant FDA funding

8 March 2016

The FDA has recently awarded funding of $1.8M to Trace-Ability and LabLogic Systems, to support the optimization and validation of the Tracer-QC system. The Tracer-QC is a radical new concept, set to change quality control of PET radiopharmaceuticals as we now know it.

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