PET QC Solution News

Future-proofing your radiopharmacy: the importance of integration

9 January 2020

SPECTra and PETra LIMS packages directly interface with a comprehensive range of QC equipment. Read more here

LabLogic complete PET QC solution in Kuwait

14 May 2019

LabLogic has successfully completed the installation and qualification of a complete PET QC laboratory in the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC). Find out more here. 

The Electrochemical (EC) Detector makes radiochemical purity testing simple

28 November 2018

The EC Detector is the ideal solution for all PET/SPECT and non-PET HPLC applications that use electrochemical detection. Click here to find out more.

PET radiopharmaceutical producer in Greece chooses LabLogic's PET QC Solution

12 September 2018

LabLogic is delighted to have secured a contract to supply the sole PET radiopharmaceutical producer in Greece with their comprehensive PET QC Solution. The radiopharmacy company is currently undergoing an expansion project and is setting up a new facility in Thessaloniki, click to find out more. 

Tromso and Trondheim choose PET QC solution & PETra

18 April 2018

LabLogic's PET QC solution and PET LIMS software, PETra,  have been supplied to two world leading facilities in Norway.  LabLogic's off-the-shelf solutions can help to address whatever requirements you may have for your PET facility. Find out more. 

GMP compliance with help from the experts

8 December 2016

LabLogic recognises that GMP compliance is no straightforward task, it requires a good understanding of GMP principles, document requirements and their application in a radiopharmacy setting.

Servicing Scandinavia and the Baltic Region

9 August 2016

LabLogic has recently been establishing a significant client base in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. Projects, involving installation of a full range of QC instrumentation for analysis of multiple PET products have recently been completed in Kuopio, Finland, in Linköping, Sweden and now in Tallinn, Estonia.

Validation and GMP Consultancy

4 August 2016

LabLogic has recently won a contract to supply Validation and GMP Consultancy services to the Advanced Technology Company, Kuwait.

Washington University start to see the benefit of PETra

9 October 2014

The Washington University School of Medicine is starting to see the benefits associated with implementing a PET LIMS system following the installation of PETra at their combined Nuclear Pharmacy and Radionuclide production facility.

Equipping the new PET Center at the King Hamad University Hospital

4 April 2014

LabLogic have recently secured a contract to fully equip the new PET Center at the King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain with its innovative PET QC Solution.

More acclaim for Scan-RAM from Czech PET facility

8 February 2012

The PET Center in Brno has added to the growing positive feedback about LabLogic’s Scan-RAM radio TLC scanner for PET and SPECT.

LabLogic detectors and software aid PET /SPECT collaboration

8 February 2012

Two healthcare organizations in Grenoble, France, are using LabLogic’'s Laura radio-chromatography system and instrumentation sourced from the same company to enhance their ability to work closely together.

Radiochromatography system installed at eleven PET production sites

15 December 2011

When IBA were looking for a new radiochromatography system to replace legacy software in all eleven of its FDG PET production facilities across America, they had a number of clear requirements.

'Two in one' radio scanner/detector fits the budget (and the bench)

18 October 2011

LabLogic'’s new combined Scan-RAM Radio-TLC scanner and Radio-HPLC flow through detector is already winning praise from university researchers for its money-saving ‘two in one’ characteristics.

Turnkey PET QC solution on show at 2011 EANM Congress

10 October 2011

PET radiopharmaceutical professionals setting up or upgrading a complete QC laboratory to comply with imminent FDA regulations can see all the equipment and services they need on the LabLogic Systems stand at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress 2011 (Birmingham, UK, 15 to 19 October).

Find out how to meet the PET deadline at ISRS Meeting

19 August 2011

Visitors at the 19th International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (Amsterdam, 28th August - 2nd September) can find out how LabLogic Systems' PETra LIMS can ensure their batch records for PET radiopharmaceuticals comply with new FDA regulations by the deadline at the end of this year.

How can PETra help you maintain your batch records for PET radiopharmaceuticals in an efficient and compliant manner?

19 May 2011

PETra, LabLogic's LIMS for PET facilities, compiles all the relevant information for every product batch into a single report by interfacing with all of the equipment in PET facilities.

PET / SPECT products on show in Denmark

21 March 2011

From the 24th to 25th March radiochromatography specialist LabLogic Systems will be at the 2011 Danish Radiochemistry Meeting in Odense to explain the benefits of the products it has developed specifically for PET and SPECT applications.

LIMS makes PET raw material tracking easy

8 July 2010

PETra, the new PET process management LIMS from LabLogic Systems, has the cure for one of the industry’s biggest quality headaches - maintaining up-to-date records of the components that make up each radiopharmaceutical.

New cGMP-compliant PET LIMS ready to roll in Copenhagen

8 June 2010

LabLogic Systems has completed the first installation of the new LIMS it has developed specifically for PET research and manufacturing.

LabLogic radio-HPLC detector valuable for PET research""

10 September 2008

The University of Manchester's Wolfson Molecular Imaging Center in the UK is using a Dual BGO radio-HPLC detector from LabLogic Systems to detect low-level radionuclides for its research into PET methodologies.

Radiopharmacy study determines TLC scanning best practice

11 July 2008

Radiopharmacists at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary have investigated the ideal conditions for measuring RCP of 99mTc radiopharmaceuticals using the Mini-Scan TLC scanner and Laura chromatogram acquisition software from LabLogic Systems.

Direct imaging speeds radio-synthesis purity checks

17 June 2008

The AR 2000 imaging scanner from LabLogic Systems gives radio-synthesis laboratories a fast and accurate means of measuring the purity of their product in real time without the need for a full HPLC system.

TLC scanner on show at King's College London radiopharmacy summer school

17 June 2008

Participants in the UK Radiopharmacy Group's summer school on quality control testing (King's College London, 17-18 July 2008) will be able to get hands-on experience of one of the tools of the trade – the LabLogic MiniScan radio-TLC scanner.

PET centers choose LabLogic for radiopharmaceutical QA

6 February 2008

Instrumentation from LabLogic Systems is the overwhelming choice for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals at the growing number of PET centers across the UK.