Hidex 600 SLe News

Developing the next generation of Liquid Scintillation Counters for super low-level analysis

27 September 2023

After identifying a unique fault due to local environmental conditions at Washington State Public Health Laboratories, Hidex redesigned the existing 600 SL

Determining the biobased content of liquid hydrocarbon fuels using LSC with spiked Carbon-14

4 July 2023

The new ASTM D8473-22 method allows direct biofuel measurements in a single day with Hidex liquid scintillation counters

Data integrity and GLP compliance for drug and environmental metabolism studies

6 June 2023

LabLogic’s Debra and Laura software solutions provide instrument control and data analysis for FDA/GLP regulated environments

Radiation monitoring and environmental research using the Hidex 300 SL

23 February 2023

The liquid scintillation counter is being used at the University of the West of England in the School of Applied Sciences

Controlling liquid scintillation counters using external computers

5 January 2023

Hidex is the only manufacturer of liquid scintillation counters whose software is fully compatible with Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest major release

NEW Video: Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio explained

1 June 2022

In our latest video, we explain what TDCR is, and how it improves the counting efficiencies of LSCs without the need for an internal radiation source

Hidex 600 SLe: the latest generation of liquid scintillation counters

23 March 2022

Hidex are excited to release the improved 600 SLe liquid scintillation counter with several improved key features

Supporting the development of radiopharmaceuticals for targeted alpha therapy

1 March 2022

Using the Hidex 600 SL at the University of Washington in Seattle

New HPLC and LSC functionality with Debra's latest release

13 December 2021

Debra’s latest release includes major new HPLC and LSC functionality for improved regulatory compliance and data integrity.

Laura Integration with 300 SL & 600 SL

3 November 2021

Laura software has long been considered the industry-standard software for instrument control and data collection for radiochromatography...

Integration, compliance, and data integrity for radio labelled metabolism laboratories

11 October 2021

LabLogic’s commitment to continuous software development and integrating market-leading equipment has led to LabLogic providing...

Tritium in water testing with the Hidex 300 and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters

18 August 2021

The Hidex 300 SL and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters have a unique triple PMT detector system ideal for water testing, click to read more.

Using the Hidex 600 SL at the new NNUF RADER laboratories

22 June 2021

Click to read about the new 600 SL installed at the new National Nuclear User Facility RADioactive waste Management and Environmental Remediation (NNUF RADER) laboratories. 

New A/B standard for LSC developed for Hidex from Eckert & Ziegler

12 May 2021

Have confidence and use the same standard as the Hidex production and quality control team prior to shipment, click to read more.

See how the Hidex 600 SL is 21 CFR part 11 compliant in our new video

27 April 2021

The Hidex 600 SL is the ONLY 21 CFR part 11 compliant liquid scintillation counter, click to read more. 

Chevron develop new radiocarbon analysis method based on LSC

4 March 2021

Chevron has developed a new method based on LSC, read the full article. 

No need to change SOPs with Hidex liquid scintillation counting TDCR technology

1 December 2020

Hidex TDCR technology means customers don't ned to change routines or SOPs, click to read more.

Hidex e-book: Liquid Scintillation Measuring Procedures

13 October 2020

Stay up to date with the latest developments in liquid scintillation counting, click to read the e-book. 

Hidex 600 SL used in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant manner

3 September 2020

The Hidex 600 SL can now be used with Laura software, click to read more. 

A new generation of liquid scintillation counting for A/B separation

28 January 2020

Hidex's new generation 300 SL and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters provide high resolution A/B separation. Click to read more. 

Alpha/beta separation for the Hidex 300 and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters

20 November 2019

Alpha/beta separation is clear and simple with the Hidex 300 and 600 SL's MikroWin software, featuring unique topographical 2D separation. FInd out more

The new Hidex 600 OX oxidizer allows you to oxidize samples with confidence

13 August 2019

The Hidex 600 OX oxidizer is an entirely computer-controlled automated catalytic combustion unit designed for every organic sample preparation. Read more about the Hidex 600 OX oxidizer here.

What do you know about the Hidex 600 SL liquid scintillation counter?

10 January 2019

The Hidex 600 SL liquid scintillation counter provides TDCR counting with high throughput potential, allowing for the automation of large quantities of samples. Click here to find out more

A solution for offline LSC counting in ADME work

4 October 2018

The Hidex Sense Beta microplate reader with Stacker is a perfect instrument for individuals working with Luma plates or Microscint by utilising TR-LSC. The Hidex 600 SL liquid scintillation counter is a high capacity instrument which utilises TDCR technology, improving data quality. Click here to find out more. 

Watch our new 600 SL liquid scintillation counter feature video

13 April 2018

Introducing the Hidex 600 SL automatic liquid scintillation counter. A high throughput LSC with robust and proven TDCR technology and a high capacity racking system. Watch the video to find out more. 

The 300SL/600SL’s unique triple PMT detector system can help assess a false-positive from true radioactivity

8 December 2017

The 300SL/600SL’s unique triple PMT detector system can help assess a false-positive from true radioactivity.

Making light work of metabolic experiments

22 June 2017

A Cambridge physiology research group using the Hidex 300 SL liquid scintillation counter recently published a paper detailing the effects of a high sugar and fat diets on the metabolism of the mother and foetus in pregnant mice.

Out of this world

12 December 2016

To the casual observer the angled lines of the Hidex 300 SL could be said to give it a slightly futuristic look. However, it was more than its space-age aesthetical appeal which attracted one of NASA’s key service providers to acquire one recently.

Slimming down liquid scintillation

26 September 2016

Many research departments are facing the prospect of replacing an old generation of liquid scintillation counters. These counters have been bought in the heyday of open source work, where high throughputs were key. Now these large, cumbersome machines need to be replaced, and there is an opportunity to free up valuable lab space in the process.

Extended load sample capacity and queuing all in one instrument

26 July 2016

Designed for high sample load capacity required in centralised laboratories, the Hidex 600 SL high throughput automatic TDCR liquid scintillation counter offers extended load sample capacity and queuing all in one instrument. 

All change at Harvard

2 April 2016

Harvard University, one of the most famous educational establishments in the world, recently took delivery of three Hidex 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counters.

Taking liquid scintillation counting to a new level

3 February 2016

Designed to meet the needs of laboratories processing large quantities of samples, the new Hidex 600 SL is a high throughput automatic TDCR liquid scintillation counter which allows samples to be loaded and left queuing.

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